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Kindergarten options

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    Kindergarten options


    I did originally post this on gel baby but have met with a wall of silence, so am trying my luck here instead! So.......

    I am new to HK and I am just discovering the slightly terrifying world of trying to find kindergarten/ future school place for my daughter who is currently 9 months old. So I am hoping I can get some advice to get me started.

    I'm looking for a nursery/ kindergarten place for my daughter around 3 days a week. We are living in the mid-levels on old peak road so ideally somewhere close. So....

    What are the best options? Is it best to send your child to a certain kindergarten so that they are they are more likely to get a place in a school of our choice? Do most 'interview' your baby?

    I would really like my daughter to learn a Chinese language so a kindergarten that encouraged that would be good.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


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    uh your question is really broad since you don't seem to understand the basics of the HK system and do not state any preferences apart from some likes (chinese language, close to central).

    google ruth benny. she runs a consultancy helping people to make the right choice for kindergartens/schooling.

    few other questions you should ask yourself:
    - what languages are a must (cantonese, putonghua, english, any other)
    - what type (local, international, ESF, montessori, etc)
    - what schools do you target?
    - you should also study all the target schools and understand their starting years and application deadlines (for some you should apply like now, for others you can wait)

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    Here's something to get you started, a list of international pre-schools in HK, location, fees and son on (published 2011)

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