Study to work in the law field in HK

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    Study to work in the law field in HK

    I'm recently looking into study again.. and I've been looking at the requirements to practice law in Hong Kong etc etc.

    From what I can see, as I'll be looking into post-graduate courses I have a few options. I am very curious about 'The Common Professional Examination/Graduate Diploma in Law (CPE/GDL)' There is also a similar course in HK called a 'Graduate Diploma in English and Hong Kong Law (GDEHKL)'.

    I believe that this is recognised as being equivalent to a bachelor of laws / JD in terms of being able to sit the PCLL in Hong Kong. I am wondering has anyone here actually attempted this? Are there any benefits of this rather than doing a JD or something?

    Is it accepted overseas in places like Australia, New Zealand and common law jurisdictions?

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    Very quick answer to your question: Yes, the CPE/GDL is required as a precursor to sitting the PCLL. No, it won't be accepted anywhere else - you will have to do the equivalent in that jurisdiction.

    The CPE/GDL is for students who already have a non-LLB bachelors degree. There's no point in you obtaining an LLB and then sitting the PCLL if you already have a uni degree.

    I have friends who did the GDL after having obtained non-law bachelors. They said it was pretty tough but they all passed it first time.

    I did the LPC back in the UK (the follow on if you obtain an LLB) - it is a really tough year, much tougher than Uni law exams. Try to give yourself as much time and preparation as you can before starting the PCLL which I imagine will be a similar standard.