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Local primary schools recruiting?

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    Local primary schools recruiting?

    I'm just writing this as a favour for a former colleague.

    I've been a NET in Hong Kong for 5 years and worked with my fair share of local English teachers. IMO, the best I've worked with is a lady who formerly worked in my current school. She's a highly organised and excellent teacher, able to get good results and attitude from her classes, as well as promoting creativity (which some might say is unusual in HK!) Her English is also fluent and natural.

    Having taken a year off work to spend more time with her young kids, she is now trying to get back into work and struggling to find a job. I told her I'd ask around, so if anyone knows of a local primary school recruiting local English teachers, please let me know and I'll pass her the info.

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    I see more than a few potentials here :

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