Victoria Kindergarten Bilingual stream English level

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    Lightbulb Victoria Kindergarten Bilingual stream English level

    Does any one have experience with the bilingual stream (Mandarin + English) of the Victoria Kindergarten, Harbour Heights campus? Are kids able to speak English with native accent after K2? Thanks!

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    What do you define as native - British English? In any case I highly doubt it.

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    "native" accent? there are hundreds, if not thousands of "native" accents.... there are hundreds of accents just in the UK alone! then add: canadian, Newfounland, northern American, Southern American (think texas, louisiana etc), Irish, Norther Irish, Australian, Kiwi......

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    Any child not living in their home country will develop an accent other than that of their home country. Mine now speaks with a slight American Irish style twang on some sounds, after 6 years in the UK. As long as they are speaking clearly and without that horrible lazy croak many seem to be developing, I wouldn't worry.