english,and erm...excel vba for mandarin

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    english,and erm...excel vba for mandarin

    Hi...I really want to learn conversational mandarin...'seriously and properly'. My mandarin skills are close to non-existence. So i was thinking, maybe someone out there wants to learn Excel VBA who speaks fluent mandarin and english and screams at MSExcel at work?

    Or you speak fluent mandarin and/or cantonese, english needs improving and wants to improve your conversational english too??

    Or maybe you just want to improve your excel vba for work AND happens to speak mandarin fluently with lots of patience and willing to teach. I can even help VBA programmers too...as long as you can speak fluent mandarin :P

    Bottom line is, i'd like to learn to speak mandarin and have a decent conversation

    please PM me if you are interested.

    Anyway, friendship is always welcome...even more welcome if you can help me speak mandarin

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