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10th May - EDB - Schools cancelled after red rainstorm warning

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    Out of curiousity, where did it rain hard? I must have been lucky, didn't experience much rain at all on my commute.
    My back garden Sha Tau Kok Rd Fanling area, most of the night up to 11 am today. My dog is entering the Olympics SwimmingEvents.

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    The most rain fell in Shatin and Saikung. You can refer to the HKO website.

    Isohyet Chart for Today

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    From 1992; I guess incidents like this means authorities take a very cautious line. But, safer to surely stay in a school once the red (or black) rainstorm signal is raised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ern:
    Hang on hang on, I'm the only one here. Everyone else is on maternity/paternity leave.

    Done, let's see if they reply.
    Well the HKO did reply, in a fairly standard fashion, the key part being:

    'Rainstorms in summer usually develop rather rapidly and there is still a considerable degree of randomness in their evolution. Therefore forecasting rainstorms remains a big challenge despite state-of-the-art forecasting systems.'

    So they can't yet predict or give a pre-warning like typhoons. They will strive to do better.
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    Thanks for sharing Ern.

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