Someone to practice Cantonese with me? [Exchange Cantonese - English/German]

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    Someone to practice Cantonese with me? [Exchange Cantonese - English/German]

    Hey there!
    I'm new in Hong Kong and would really like to get some sound knowledge of Cantonese to survive in town (as I'm living in a really Chinese part in Kowloon City).
    I can "offer" fluent English knowledge, but have to admit that I'm not a native speaker (I guess, there would not too many people keen on learning German around here...

    It would be cool to have a local to hang around with. I'm 22, doing an internship here, and want to get started getting to know people, city, culture etc

    Looking forward to your messages!


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    Tsuen Wan

    Hi, I am a local. I have decent english skills as I got my bachelor's degree in the US. If you wanna learn some Cantonese, let me know.
    Or we can chat on MSN messenger if you like.

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    Yeah, I'm also looking somebody to practise my german! I have been to Germany for an year and maybe we can share comments about HK culture and the cantonese language in German, that'd be great.

    Was meinst Du??


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    hey! I am interested!

    Hey! I am interested! So glad to know someone who can speak german out there!
    Me too I have been in Germany for 2 years and would love to keep my German going. I m fluent in English therefore wont be a problem that we could chat and learn in English! Of course as a local my cantonese is very local too
    please contact me [email protected]
    if you would like to get together! or we can chat over msn too (ask me for msn id!) looking forward!