Hey guys! I decided to come on here to post a thread because I really need some good advice right now.

So I do IB Design Technology and I aspire to become a successful UX/UI/visual designer in the future, the straightforward route in Hong Kong would be to take the 4 years Design Bachelor in PolyU. Advantages are that it's cheap, and the world ranking of PolyU in art and design is not bad too, considering it's #27.

Of course, the ideal thing for me is to study design in the UK (in specific Loughborough University) but it's really, hella expensive compared to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong it is around 40K per year, in UK it's at least 300K (probably 350K at least)! Like, that's a huge difference.

So it's really down to the money and the ranking where PolyU has the advantage. But in terms of the people, the student experience, and the learning experience, UK definitely wins.

I have been in an international school environment and personally I just really don't want to go back to a local learning environment like PolyU where 95% of the students are local people or Chinese. I like a more diverse environment. Plus, school life is gonna be less fun and I won't be able to see more of the world.

The regular Design BA in PolyU lasts for 4 years and 4 years is just too long for me. 4 more years of staying in Hong Kong and having the same dull life! Like 2 years is okay, but 4 years is just too long for me. I want to go out and see the world and experience something different! It's really about the money that I'm concerned about. I don't want to add pressure to my parents.

I saw on the PolyU website that they offer a senior curriculum which is essentially the final years of the BA - that lasts for 2 years. I am fine with a 2 year programme in Hong Kong (and then I can proceed to the UK) It would be ideal to save some money and also the time of doing a degree. I really want to get into that but I don't know if they would accept me, as that requires a higher diploma or an associate degree. I read the curriculum and the first 2 years are more about figuring what you wanna do and the last 2 years are more hands-on projects. I already know I want to do UX, and also I take a lot of design courses in and outside school so I think the senior year curriculum would be perfect. Does any one have any advice on this, if I have the slightest chance of getting into the senior curriculum as a high school graduate? Thanks in advance!
PolyU Design: Communication Design (BA)