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English speaker looking for Cantonese classes in HK

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    Question English speaker looking for Cantonese classes in HK

    Hello all,

    I am a recent university graduate from the US, moving to Hong Kong at the end of August.

    A big part of my move is to work on my Cantonese. I am interested in taking Cantonese classes while in HK, but unsure where to start looking for them.

    I studied at CUHK in the past, and looked into their Yale-China Chinese Language Center, but you need a student visa/work visa/etc. to be able to take a class. I will only be living in HK with a visitor visa.

    If anyone knows of any centers or Cantonese teachers (who are not crazy expensive & do not have visa requirements) in HK I would love to hear them!



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    There are a couple ads for Cantonese teachers in the Classified section of this site, and it looks like their rates aren't too bad. Maybe contact them and see if they offer trial lessons.

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    I can teach you if you'd like.

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    Hope center runs Cantonese classes for 100. They are in high demand and you need to get a seat 3 months in advance... However, need a HKID to register

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