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Cost effective Cantonese classese

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    Post Cost effective Cantonese classese

    1.Where can I learn cantonese ,so I can be qualified in Speaking,Listening,Reading and Writing Cantonese in Hong Kong near Jordan,Wanchai- most updated would be helpful- 2018 ?

    2.I heard Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, Chinese University of Hong Kong has anyone been there and how is your Cantonese now?

    3.Also I heard ISS-HOPE HKD100 for 50 hours ,how is your Cantonese after learning there ?
    4.I wanted to learn Cantonese seriously but want to
    be cost effective at the same time .Anyone who has faced this situation and has gone through this experience could give me any direction,would be highly appreciated.

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    Thanks for posting that! I took a Cantonese class for about the same price through HKU Space:

    But I think what you posted has more hours of class for less tuition. It is surprisingly hard to find group Cantonese lessons and private ones are expensive and I don't think it's worth it for the early beginner stages. When I studied Japanese I did group lessons until I reached a decent level of proficiency (like low intermediate) and then did some private lessons.

    The cheapest classes are here (and they refund a bunch if you pass a test):
    VTC - Chinese Courses for Non-Chinese Speakers - Course Information

    But not as many hours as what you have posted. I think what you have found is about the best you can do, part-time.

    There is full-time at HKU (well, something like 3 hours per day I think):

    Certificate in Chinese Language courses for foreign students | School of Chinese, University of Hong Kong

    I think this is what the priests in my church did (two Indians and one Argentinian). Their Cantonese is good enough to be priests, for whatever that is worth.

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