Singapore Internation School PY2

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    Red face Singapore Internation School PY2

    Recently we got offer from SISHK for PY2.
    Actually the reason we applied this school is 2mins walk distance..

    I have 2 things to concern.

    1. We are NOT from Singapore. So my daughter have very low mandarin level and we dont use any mansarin at home.
    : Can she follow the school? Do I put him some madarin institution? Or tutor?

    2. School time
    PY2 only morning session. I dont know how can I arrange her schedule for every afternoon..

    Any comment is appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.

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    I think at that young age he will pick up Mandarin- if he is struggling, then you can think about a tutor- I think there are enough local HK kids who are not native Mandarin speakers there that there will be at least a few Mandarin learner children- they learn by speaking it to each other. As for afternoon, I have heard of some children going to two kindergartens (!). But there do seem to be other activities out there, sports, tutoring, music...