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Jan 2020 PCLL Conversion Exam

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    Jan 2020 PCLL Conversion Exam

    Hi guys,

    Anyone registered to sit for the exam in Jan 2020? Would be great to be in touch to exchange notes/past year papers/study sesh etc!

    Thanks in advance

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    A thought - you probably want to post in some of the older threads. People who have done the exams might have some tips for you and may be able to put you in contact with current entrants.

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    Talking Conversion exam 2020

    Hi klaudial,

    Will you be taking the conversion exams this summer? I'm taking conversions for the first time and i'm freaking out! I wonder if anyone has used notes from ? I saw some of their previews and they look quite good

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    Hi cchan1

    There's quite a few providers which have conversion notes. I took my exams last year (and passed!) but the website you mentioned wasn't around then so I can't comment. I used notes from this site instead - PCLL Conversion Notes - Hong Kong PCLL Conversion Examinations, Study Notes, Free Study Tips I found them to be very useful as they come with model exams and answers to those. The hardest part of conversions is really just exam prep and if you have good model exams to use under self-imposed exam conditions, this helps a lot with de-stressing the whole process.

    Feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to share more tips.

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    hey is anyone here preparing preparing for exams for jan 2021? happy to exchange study tips/strategies


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    Pcll 2021

    I have Pmed you, im taking the conversion exams too.

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    Hellooo, I have registered to sit for the conversion exam in Jan 2022. Anyone gonna take it as well? Happy to form study group, exchange notes/past papers!


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    Feel free to PM me, I ended up passing all in one go.

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