HELP:4yr old to start k2 in 2020 but not applied yet

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    Exclamation HELP:4yr old to start k2 in 2020 but not applied yet

    Hi if there's similar thread already please point me to the link... I'm just so stressed out I don't know where to start ...

    We are a family of 4 based in London. HB got a kind-of urgent and sudden job offer, It's almost like he moved overnight.

    So HB has moved and temporary staying in hotel, started work last week. I am currently waiting for my company to transfer me to HK, and HB is applying for spouse and kids visa now, he has a HK ID himself (born in HK raised in UK). Other than that I also have some stuff to sort out before moving myself and kids over.

    We have a son Ethan turning 4 coming March, and I am looking to enrol him into a local kindergarten, K2, start Aug 2020. I don't mind private (I think most kindergarten are private anyway?), or international school but I heard they can be even harder to get in than the local ones?

    Knowing the crazy admission criteria and interview, are we too late and hopeless now??? And it's now Chinese New Year, all schools and kindies will be closed till, 3rd? I am all prepared if we need to fly over for his interviews.

    We will decide where we want to leave based on the school being offered. We now do have a temporary address in HK belong to hb's parents.

    so I did some research, what we can do now is to fill in forms and pass it back to the kindergarten, apply as many as possible... is there anything we can do? Is it still possible to get Ethan into a kindi by August 2020?

    What else i need to expect other than an interview is required, and also probably many no-reply and rejections?

    ** I just realize that we actually need to have our visa sorted out before we can even apply for local kindergarten. omg

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