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Is a BSc ( math) useful in HK ?

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    I couldn't get the link to open so here is another link for others who may be interested:

    I looked at the various data science electives and I think they are useful.

    I would definitely pick this degree over a math degree, as long as you have that option.

    Yes, the field is being hyped but this degree looks like you could get enough knowledge of programming, AI, statistics (good if you want to head towards business/finance applications). I thought "Mathematics of Image Processing" was interested- we get a lot of image processing patent applications and I will admit that my eyes glaze over a bit on the equations...

    I think you can apply this degree to a lot of real-world jobs I have an intern (daughter of a friend) at Harvard and I am trying to encourage her to do something like this degree (Harvard has cross-enrollment with MIT, she can take some data science course there). Don't want her to graduate with a philosophy degree or some such.

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