Hi Friends,

I am expat working in HK.

I have 1 year daughter and I am looking for advice for her future education.

I don't have enough knowledge about education system of HK, like which school is good or bad ? government school or private school/international school ? how, when and where to register ?

Someone also told me government giving 75% subsidy (even for non-permanent resident), how to get that ?

As I can't speak Cantonese so my baby also can't understand Cantonese so I am afraid when she will go to school teacher will speak in Cantonese and my baby can't understand anything in school. Any other friend also have similar condition ?

I know it is too early but I am asking so that I can do if anything needed to do in advance.

Any step I should take now (it is early enough as her age only 1 year) in order to have good education plan for her?

Sorry for my confusion but I just wanted to have some light in my future steps to be taken.

Thanks in advance