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Should get admission in K1 for 2 yr 5 month old baby?

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    Red face Should get admission in K1 for 2 yr 5 month old baby?

    Hi Friends,

    My baby is 1yr 8 month now, I have contacted Sun Island school (Kwai Hing) to have enquiry of admission on K1 (as someone told me we have to start registration process very early).

    School told me they will start registration process 1 Jan 2021 and will start session on 1 August 2021.

    On 1st August 2021, my daughter will be only 2yr 5 months so I am not sure is this correct age to get admission in K1 ?
    If I decided to skip this year then admission will happen when my daughter will be 3 yr 5 months.

    I am not sure whether my daughter should get admission at 2 yr 5 moths or 3 yr 5 months, anyone can please advice me ?

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    Too early la; K1 is 3 years plus. Registration is done by year of birth.

    You can register for nursery for 2yrs if the school has it

    Your daughter will be too young at 2.5 years. 3.5 makes more sense

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    Had a coworker in a similar situation, sent his daughter at 2+ to a private school with a 2-year-old class. Did this in preparation to get her into the "right" kindergarten with essentially a through-train to secondary school. And it worked for him so guess it was worth doing- although the poor child has missed plenty of school between the protests and the pandemic...

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    Too young for K1 even wth the extension to 2 year 8 months by September 1.

    "With regard to age of admission to K1 classes, ideally, children should attain the age of three beforethey are sent for school education as children of that age are physically and intellectually ready forKG education. In view of the general request for dovetailing the admission age for KGs and primaryschools, the admission age for KGs as at September was relaxed to 2 years 8 months starting from the2001/02 school year. Under this principle, KGs can admit children of that age according to their ownschool-based admission mechanism. Please refer to the EDBC No. 43/2000 for details.@

    See EDB link: