Job wanted!!!

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    Job wanted!!!

    I am a young guy(19 years old) and looking for a job. I am turkish,but have a german passport. I am here since 3 month. I speak fluently german,turkish,english and i visited a 30 hours cantonese lesson.

    I have just a tourist visa and not HK identity/worker licence.

    Do You have any ideas and suggests how can I find a job to earn money.

    You can contact me by e-mail: [email protected] and per phone: 39161391.



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    you can't work when you have a tourist visa. Sorry but its illegal!!!

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    Technically, you'd have to convince an employer to sponsor you for a work visa. Or you can do freelance work with a company outside Hong Kong as long as you're also paid outside HK.

    Otherwise, well, you'll have to get creative.

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    this should be in working in HK. 0_o which you can't do. sorry matey, other than construction work near the border it's slim pickings.