Hi All,

I have to choose school for my son to get admission in Kindergarten.

Luckily, my son passed in both Delia Mei Foo Kindergarten and SunIsland Kwai Hing Kindergarten.

Now, SunIsland is close to my house but Delia may be good for future because after 3 years when my son will go for Primary admission interview (Delia Primary Tsing Yi) , may be it will be easy for him to pass the interview if he study in Delia Mei Foo Kindergarten.

Though Delia staff said there will be no preference given and all depend on interview performance (may be they it is their duty to give this standard answer) if it is 100% true then I would prefer SunIsland but somehow if interview is easy or soft for their own school kids then will prefer Delia.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Anybody's child given interview of Delia Primary Tsing Yi ? What is your experience ?