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Secondary School Dyslexia Support

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    Secondary School Dyslexia Support

    As part of my Continuing Professional Development training on Dyslexia, I need to teach a student who needs extra support with their reading and writing.

    Does your child need some extra support?

    I already regularly teach dyslexic students, but my course requirements are really strict. I need a native speaker with no other significant issues like ADHD or ASD.

    As part of the process, I also need to film the process. I then need to visit the student's school to see what their life is like. As thanks, I'm not intending to charge any fee.

    Obviously, my criminal record checks etc are in place.

    If you're interested, please send me a PM.

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    The learner just needs to be 7 years or older, but secondary school would be best.

    Just to reiterate, Dyslexia qualified tutoring charges >$1000/hr, and I'm offering 10 hours for free here in exchange for your help.

    Do you know anyone struggling with reading and writing school work and would appreciate you mentioning me?

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