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HK high school students seeking experience with professors?

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    HK high school students seeking experience with professors?

    Is this a thing in HK? For high school kids who wants to get some experience reaching out to professors to do some projects informally.

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    Yes. While it is mostly for uni students, there are volunteer and internship programmes where high school students are also welcome. The parents/guardians need to provide a support letter. However, these positions usually require uni level commitment both in time and dedication, and of course appropriate level of maturity. If the cover letter comes from the parent instead of the student, it will most likely be ignored.

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    Yes, I work in a uni, and we occasionally get emails from high school students. Whether your kid will be taken on depends on his/her seriousness and approach, and whether the professor has something that is appropriate/worthwhile for them to do. A letter from the school/teacher/mentor also helps, but it is not necessary. Just be mindful that most faculty will have the kid shadow their graduate students/postdoc rather than give them an independent project to work on.

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