Renaissance PYP v.s. Shatin Junior: How would you choose?

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    Renaissance PYP v.s. Shatin Junior: How would you choose?

    I am struggling between these two schools for my year 1 son. So far as I know, Renaissance is a ESF's quite new Private Independent School but running full IB from yr 1 to 13, while Shatin Junior is a well-established ESF school well-known for its academic achievements for years.

    Since I am a Chinese and my husband is a British while Hong Kong will be our permanent home as far as I can plan ahead, the opportunity of learning Chinese and Putonghua is highly appreciated.

    Would like to hear the advice from you who know about both or either these schools. Or simply how would you choose over these two schools? Thank you.

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    both schools teach mandarin but there is a little more at renaissance. have you actually been offered places at both? - that might sway you towards one was or another.
    Both schools offer PYP from years 1-6 so not much between them. You cannot predict what your child's needs will be at secondary age and by then there may be other schools available or one or both schools may have changed their teaching curriculum.
    So,I would suggest you go for what would suit your child best at the moment - is either school closer to home? Will any of your child's friends be going? Are class sizes smaller in one school? When you visited what was the gut reaction of you and your husband? Fees?

    good luck and dont worry too much!

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    I found this website very informative:

    I personally believe that Shatin Jr. probably offers a better education in terms of curriculum, as it is well established and has been so for many years. Renaissance could be a great school in some years, and I think they have some very innovative ideas in place, such as their program with Apple. Basically once a student hits MYP, they can check out Macs from the ICT or bring their own (though quite honestly, the computers mostly abused as kids just go on facebook whenever they can. I know that many PYP kids even have facebook acounts).

    I don't know much about the RCHK PYP, except for they're incredibly cute when running around! Their schedule is completely different than MYP, so they don't meet much.

    There was this assembly where some Year 2's were practicing politeness and diplomacy. I think it was called Project Hello, or something and every day after lunch, the Year 2s would sit around a circle and ask each other how their lunch was. It was cute and a pretty unique idea to be teaching these values into young children. However, I know that currently, the academic standards at RCHK are probably not as high as Shatin Jr. A bunch of kids in my MYP math class barely even known their times tables that solidly. Then again, those students didn't attend Renaissance PYP, so they're not an accurate representation of the PYP.

    I think RCHK in general will be a great school in time. Currently, its got some issues to work out - like there's quite a bit of theft. Shatin is probably a more solid choice in terms of quality of education, but the dynamics at the two schools are different.

    Also: a note: I don't know if this is true in Shatin, but PYP kids swear A LOT. Especially the Year 6's and 5's... A LOT of swearing...

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