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    American International School


    I am interested in sending my daughter to AIS. We are moving in March, does anybody know if AIS has the waiting list?
    Also, I welcome any comments regarding this school.

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    Sham Tseng

    Waiting list at AIS depends on which grade?

    AIS to some has just a so so reputation nothing exemplifying but it does offer a mixture of local and international children at the school. A very diverse student body. Some more local parents do not appreciate the critical analysis thinking and what seems to be a little to no homework going home - as local schools and local-international schools do tend to send loads of drill work home each night for students at all grade levels but AIS limits this type of work.

    AIS from what I know also likes the involvement of the parents and appreciates when they stop by the school even unannounced.

    If you are looking to know more about American curriculum and schools with availability for March 2009 I strongly suggest contact AMCHAM Hong Kong as they regularly work with parents seeking placements - and you do not have to be a member to get the information.