Graphic Design/3D/Film diploma's in 2-3 months? How is this possible in Hong Kong..?

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    Graphic Design/3D/Film diploma's in 2-3 months? How is this possible in Hong Kong..?

    I've been looking around for some design and animation courses locally just to keep my skills up to par and noticed that many institutions offer very short diploma courses, which involves about 2-4 months of full-time work?

    Certainly, by no means is this a length time, so I was ultimately wondering whether these institutions are fully accredited? While I do value the education I'm taught, I am surprised that they state you receive a diploma, rather than simply a certificate. If they offer diplomas, I'm assuming all these institutes, such we Welkin (, Hong Kong International Film Academy (, etc. are non-accredited, meaning that the diploma they provide you offers practically no credence in education, at least in the views of agencies, and in the views of other institutes?

    I know these are by no means a substitute for full-degree courses, such as those offered by HKAPA, Poly University, City University, and the likes, but I'm mainly just wondering how these types of diplomas are granted on such a short-term study basis, and what kinds of credence they hold and entitle you with.

    I'm mainly considering doing these courses for the sake of interest and maintaining a relevant skill set, but if I happen to be getting something else out of it (a diploma), than it's a double-win.. Though, something seems fishy about them.

    Input appreciated! =)

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    It's only an academic diploma if the institution is accreted by the HKCAA, of which apparently there are only two:

    * Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
    * VTC School of Business and Information Systems

    Otherwise diploma is just a word for a fancy bit of paper. Get the run down on Wikipedia as there are many non-vocational institutions offering accredited diplomas:

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