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    I'm a belgian student willing to pursue a Master of Science in Engineering Entreprise Management at HKUST, i'd like to know if bachelor's degree issued by my university (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) is gonna be sufficient in order to get into HKUST...

    One of the main probleme is that my grades aren't that good, top 20% of my promotion for a bachelor's degree in electromechanical engineering.
    This is mainly because i'm doing a second bachelor at the same time, business management where im top 10%... I was wondering if they are gonna consider that or just reject my application because of low grades?


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    Just to bump your thread. This is a good question for the department you are wanting to enter. Write them a nice letter with your background etc and explain why you think you'd be able to add something to their program. Or just fire in the admission application and wait.

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    If you are doing an MSc (i.e. a taught program that you have to pay for), you should be fine. Outside the MBA stream there aren't too many western graduate students here in HK, and at least at CUHK (that is where I'm studying) they are looking to admit more western students. Situation is very different if you want to do an MPhil, which is a research program that comes with a studentship. For these, there are quotas for locals and foreigners (incl. mainland Chinese), and since the locals prefer to do the MPhil here and the PhD abroad, it is very hard to get into the MPhil program. You'd definitively have to make contact with potential supervisors first.