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    new HKIS

    Hi there, even though the posts above were mostly from 2005 and 2006, I would like to add what I think HKIS is like today in 2009. Firstly, some background -- my daughter goes to HKIS currently; after waiting in line for 4 years, she finally got into HKIS 3 years ago at 5th grade. We are planning (hoping) to get her to another school in the next year or two (prep-school if she gets in). I just want to say this so that you know I am a HKIS fan, but not tie to HKIS either.

    Firstly, I would like to comment on the religion thing mentioned in the posts above regarding at HKIS. You might note that while students are required to take religion, each religion course counts at only 25% the credit of a required course and 50% of the credit of an elected course. This says to me that HKIS has a religion background but religion is not the most important thing to HKIS. Also, FYI, religion class at HKIS teaches not only Christian religion but they also discuss other religion as part of the course. Religion diversity is probably a "must" at HKIS because there are many non-Christian at HKIS.

    Regarding the trust fund crowd, some time we feel it too. There is definitely a bunch of rich kids at HKIS and they go to the best places in town and party at the Peak, etc., and some of their parents are CEOs and HK establishment, etc. So sometime that can be difficult (and we are not rich and it has not been easy to put my daughter thru HKIS).

    But I think it is also important also to point out that, more than the religion thing and the rich kids thing, by far the most thing to know about HKIS is that it is very competitive prep-school. Every kids competes to get good grade at HKIS - you get that from the teachers, from the parents, and most of all from the kids. The first thing HKIS 5th grade home room teacher told us is that "every kids study here." The peer pressure from kids is also not where kids go to party, but whether you get in the honor roll "with" distinction or not, and whether you get into the John Hopkins talent search or not, and whether you get to represent HKIS in writing or not, etc. My daugther gets many offers to play, but is more affected by peer pressure in doing well in school! I would say that the environment is definitely everyone competes, and the culture is definitely about studying, at least at the middle school level which is where my daughter is now. The main thing about HKIS as we discovered is that you will need to prove yourself academically, but once you do you'll have a whole world of academic opportunities open to you.

    Also, HKIS is more like a prep-school than a local school for each kid has to be well rounded - big emphasis on sport and music, and learning from field trips etc. I would say HKIS, along with German-Swiss, CIS and some people say HK Academy and Li Po Chun United World, and maybe a few local schools like DGS/DBS and St Paul and a couple others, in the last couple of years at least (arguably at least), are the top secondary schools (at least up to the middle school level) in Hong Kong.

    Lastly I would like to say something about a comment above regarding whether you are an outsider if are not rich. Well, we are definitely not rich. But I don't think we were ever overly treated as an outsider. Like any other schools, kids have to find a place in school for themselves, and schools are not always easy for kids. My daughter was accepted by her peers, and did it by being in a competitive sport team, and by being in the school orchestra (most people have to be in some kind of music anyway), and competes in a international academic competition.I think what I am trying to say is that HKIS is a tough place for kids just like any other school would be, but HKIS is definitely a good school and not a country clubs for the rich set.
    Anyway, goods luck everyone in our pursue of our kids education

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    >> we are not rich

    i think you mean " not super rich "

    i would say a family is rich even they can just afford their kid only one year at HKIS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevembs:
    my daughter goes to HKIS currently; after waiting in line for 4 years, she finally got into HKIS 3 years ago at 5th grade. We are planning (hoping) to get her to another school in the next year or two (prep-school if she gets in).
    So, which other school? And, why change?

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    just trying in terms of other schools i'm afraid, cause not so easy to get in a school like exeter and st paul in the US... reason for change is that HKIS is tops (one of the top) in my mind for middle school... but there is a whole other category of schools that is heads and shoulder above in high school ...if you read the wall street journal only one school in HK come close (Li Po Chun United World)

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    how much is the debenture into canadian international school?
    and how does it work?

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    hi everyone. CIS is, i must say, its a very warm and welcoming school. what some people have said is true (though it applies to almost every school) - there definitely will be some rich kids. though i would not go as far as to call them 'trust fund babies'... most of the kids at the school are actually upper middle class people. they are nice, and you shouldn't let your stereotypical rich kid affect your choice in picking schools. Granted, there are a fair share of said 'rich kids' but i know quite a few ones there and they are down to earth people! My school, in academic terms is actually quite good. if you go to the site, you will be able to find the graduating class' university placements. Also, if you don't want a school that is too.. ostentatious, CIS is the place for you! We don't like too much publicity because of alumni or parents so its quite low key.

    CIS is definitely one of the top schools in Hong Kong (im not being biased.) though if you choose not to attend CIS, think about GSIS. also very low key and good in academics.

    ps. the fees are without a doubt, expensive but you won't regret your choice. also, druggies and smokers are very, VERY uncommonly heard of at CIS.

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    need your advise!

    I am thinking to transfer my son from Guanzhou school to HK. he is now in last semester of year 3 of middle school in Chinese education system ( year 10 in UK system, year 9 in US system) . his english is fine. no problem with Chinese. good at math.

    besides GSIS, HKIS, CIS( too expensive), AIS( heard not good), what else you can recommend to me?


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    bigger question is where can he get a place....

    there are heaps of international schools:

    hong kong

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