Gifted children

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    Gifted children

    I have been searching for resources for gifted children (particularly in maths, science and English) in the primary school. Most of the resources in HK seem to be meant for children who can speak Cantonese (so much for HK being a world city!).

    I would welcome:

    * Any suggestions about classes or resources in Hong Kong
    * Any suggestions about online resources in the web (any experience with the John Hopkins Univ's programs?)
    * Any ideas for parents to get together and provide some playing/learning time


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    I would like to direct you to this thread:

    I have been in a gifted program in at my primary school (ESF) and to be honest it really isn't something overly challenging and mind stretching. Personally, I would buy books that teach the subject one year above i.e. Year 5 child learning Year 6 material instead.