University Graduate...however

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    University Graduate...however

    In April, I'll be graduating with a degree in Economics...

    however there are some weak points to my resume...

    -no previous employment experience that deals with economics (i.e. no summer job experience etc)
    -little general job experience
    -cannot read/write chinese

    What sort of employment opportunites can you forsee for myself. Would having my own living accomdations aid in my search? thanks a lot!

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    Without putting a dampener on your dreams, I dont think that the prospects will be good. Work experience is very essential in getting work in HK. Why would a company employ you over a local Economics graduate who can speak Chinese as well?

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    Unless you're a permanent resident and do not need a sponsorship.

    You could look at the investment banks for a non/low paying internship to get started.

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    Perhaps a good thing to do is to gain some experience in your hometown or country before making a step into Hong Kong. After 2 years, your market value/ salary/ negotiation power will be much better.

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    Becks23, it depends on what kind of sector you wish to be employed in.

    I was in a similiar situation a few years back and found the only job options available to me were back in the US (where I went to school) working as a management trainee or junior analyst at the big banks or insurance companies. As a HK Permanent Res, I was also able to find such opportunities here so I think you would be alright. But, get something sorted before you move out here.

    One word of caution however, if you are interested in using your econ degree towards non-profit or research work stay clear of this city! Jobs are highly competitive, limited to the experienced, and the pay is teeny-tiny.

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    Do you want to use your degree?

    I came out to HK, similarly, fresh grad and not too much experience, but am a PR and speak eng, canto and mandarin. Not sure what i wanted to do either. Jobs are a plenty, they just sh*t.. and have to sift through all the crappy financial planning jobs.

    I've got a temp job until I find something better/that I want to do. Hopefully that is soon, like next 2 weeks soon!