Photoshop/video editing for kids?

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    Talking Photoshop/video editing for kids?

    My 11 year old son is going mad with boredom. Too much time on his hands means more time teasing his younger brother. He loves computers and shooting funny video clips with text. Is there anyone out there, or a course where he might develop, explore more of that? Perhaps a photoshop course? I think he'd love editing tape or learning to shoot clips properly. Emphasis has to be kid-friendly course, preferably on Saturday mornings pre his basketball training. Any ideas? Checked out google entries but all geared to adults.

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    youtube? Never failed so far...

    I doubt most kids his age tend to have the resources to film and edit etc so unlikely (but of course not impossible) to find any courses geared at that age group. Also may be more likely during the school holidays.

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    He can't go outside and play with other kids? If he's a self starter (ouch! can't believe I used that for an 11 year old) then you can buy him a dummies guide to photoshop, a CD of images and away you go.