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International Junior Schools

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    International Junior Schools

    Hi, we are looking to move to HK and have read about how hard the schools are to get into so this will be one of our major reference points when looking for accommodation.
    Does anyone know of schools with particularly good reputations or if there is a reference point to rate the schools.
    I figure as we will be paying for them and we currently don't have a preference where we live it was a good idea to find out which ones are the better ones.

    Any advice appreciated.

    My child will be starting Yr 1.

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    search for an ESF school. it's actually pretty good. i went to shatin junior a long time ago. not a bad place.

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    it all comes down to money and what you are looking for in a school:

    1)what country's curriculum do you want to follow?
    2)does your company provide a debenture?
    3)what kind of fees can you afford?
    4)what, if any, other languages do you want your child to learn?

    the last thing you should know is this: it is VERY VERY VERY difficult to get a Y1 space. if i were in your shoes, i would forget about 'rating' the schools and apply to all of the ones you may be interested in, at least then you have a shot at getting a spot. otherwise, you may not get anything. (this is not a joke!)

    american curriculum: HK Int'l (fairly religious), American Int'l
    canadian curriculum: CDNIS, Delia (not nearly as good as CDNIS), Christian Academy
    Hong Lok Yuen Int'l

    even the ones that would appear to have a language other than english as the medium of instruction also have "english" streams, so any of them would be ok.

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    There are plenty of good schools in HK. By the terminology you are using though, I'd assume you favor the British system in which case the ESF schools would fit the bill and they are slightly cheaper than the leading international schools. The key is to find a space which can be difficult sometimes...

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    This should be enough to get you started on your search. It's a guide that shows the answers to all of carang's questions for each school--

    Latest Hong Kong, China & World News |

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