Chances of getting into PolyU or CityU

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    Chances of getting into PolyU or CityU


    I want to study BBA in Hong Kong and I've applied to HKUST, PolyU and CityU. From my upper secondary school, I got 4.8 points out of 6, and from an engineering programme in my local college (which I quit before I graduated. I found out a bit too late that engineering wasn't my thing) I got a C in average (A is best, F is worst). I also have working experience in my family business where I work in the administration.

    I already got an answer from HKUST, and it was sadly a "no". Now I'm so nervous about what the answer will be from PolyU and CityU. I was hoping if anyone that works or studies in those universities know how hard it is to get an offer and tell about their experience? Do I have a chance with my grades?


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    HKUST is one of the top business school in the world.

    In hospitality management, they take people who have a 3.3 or (4) higher GPAs. - POLY U

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    Yeah I found out that they were quite renowned. I applied for Economics and Finance. They already e-mailed me earlier this month that due to keen competition, they didn't have any more offers. Ah well

    Now my hopes are in CityU and PolyU. I applied for similar programs there too. I hope that I have a chance.