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    Children Education

    We are Indians and planing to move into Hong Kong some time in August 2010. We have a kid who is scheduled to join UKG midway.
    a) Which are the international schools that could be considered?
    b) What is the approximate price for admission, regular course fees and the contents.
    c) What is the general feedback of English schooling in Hong Kong as compared to Tokyo or Singapore?

    Would appreciate any feedback on this..


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    How old?

    Hello there,

    It really depends on their age. There are many very good international schools in Hong Kong and the standard is excellent.

    Some schools do have a large community of indian students eg KGV in Ho Man Tin which is an ESF secondary school.

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    Thanks for the response. Age is 04 years. Currently in UKG. Will continue in UKG this year and join first standard next year. We need a school which will provide the child with good foundation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katieliang:
    if you want to live in hongkong, you maybe can make your children study chinese in, which is a online chinese school, and it can help your children get used to china quickly
    Wow! Thats a really useful reply to the original question.

    For OP:
    Having lived in both Sg & HK - I would consider overall quality of schools are better in Sg (not sure about Tokyo). Its my opinion, others may have a different one.

    A standard schooling for many is Home | English Schools Foundation
    There are many others (some quite fancy).

    A pointer - there is usually in high demand for seats for P1, you may want to start the process early.

    Good Luck