I was looking for other alternatives of higher education when I stumble upon this. My sister is currently taking IGCSE program in which the examination is divided into 2 period. She has got the result for her 1st period and the result was 2-3 A* and 1-2 A. I forgot the detail but she has completed 4 subject examinations before. For the May-June session, she'll be having 4-5 more examinations with predicted grade of average As. She applied to ESF but it seems that she'll have it tough to get a seat in any of the school. I saw that HKU Space offers pre-associate degree for Form 5 graduate which is in the same level of IGCSE, I guess. She is aiming to take Engineering in HKU after completion of higher studies. My question is will taking the HKU Space give her more benefits than in ESF? And whether HKU Space prepare students in university manner? Is getting a Higher Diploma in Engineering in HKU Space will give her more chance on getting into HKU? I'm not located in Hong Kong but will be soon after I get my offer from university so I'm not quite sure about the educational system after Form 5. Any reply will be helpful. Thanks before