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Free English textbooks for Chinese students

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    Free English textbooks for Chinese students

    I have 70 unused copies of each of 2 English language text books to give away. They are aimed at Chinese students learning English, at about Form 1 - Form 2 level.

    The books were written in the late 80s, and sold quite well for some years - but sales have dwindled and the publisher is no longer promoting them, and wants to clear the last remaining stock from their warehouse.

    If anyone here knows of a school, charity, bookshop, or anyone else who could use them please get in contact so I get them passed on.

    If I cant find a place for them in the next few weeks they'll be pulped, or (this being HK) end up as landfill - which seems a waste.

    I know this is a little off topic - but there are lots of people interested in education here so I'm hoping.

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    You could try the Salvation Army.

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    Good suggestion. I've emailed them.


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    Drop the Society for Protection of Children a line. They run a number of day care centers /after school centers for young children. We'd donated several toys to them a while back.

    Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children

    If you don't get a response, drop me a line and I'll dig up some contacts for you.