I'm an American interested in possibly studying for my JD at CUHK (HKU no longer has FASFA. dunno why) and would appreciate some guidance from anyone who has experience in the Hong Kong legal community. I did my undergrad at the University of California back in the states, and am now doing my postgrad at Tsinghua in Beijing. I'm pretty set on going to law school next fall, and after reading more than a dozen or so articles on the pros and cons of abroad legal study I feel the need to clarify my particular case. Financially speaking, getting my JD in HK is WAY more viable than at a similarly ranked school stateside. I am already educationally and professionally committed to the greater China region, so I do not mind if moving back to the US is difficult after I get my JD. I've read that local hires earn much less than their US JD counterparts, and need to know if a T14 LLM could remedy this income imbalance (JD program in HK is 2 years as opposed to 3 back in the US. After I get my JD I would go back to the states and do a LLM, take the NY bar, come back to HK, and decide between taking the PCLL or practicing in an international firm. At this point, the time commitment between US JD vs HK JD + LLM would be the same.) Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.