Thoughts on HKU Entrance

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    Thoughts on HKU Entrance

    I just received news regarding my admission for HKU undergraduate programme this year and it says that my 1st n 3rd choice don't go through. My 2nd choice is still under review though. It's a BSc programme and I'm planning to major in Food Science. Any thought on level of entrance? I'm wondering to just move on with another university or to wait for the 2nd major because somehow HKU doesn't seem to have much hope anymore. HKU Science Dep.'s website says that the BSc programme has no student quota. Is this true? My marks are on average B or C. A friend of mine with better grades(A's) than I am are also in the same situation and she decided to just move on to another university. Is this a wise choice? Thanks be4

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    Just make sure you take a program that really fits your interests! To me that is important. Begin with the end result in mind. What is that you want to do work wise should be at the fore front of your mind so that every course no matter what you take you are trying to direct it towards a career choice. I did that during my undergrad years and no matter what course I had to take I ensured it matched my career interests. It worked!

    At the same time you need to be flexible enough that you have transferable skills in the event that you need to find work in an unrelated field so at the same time as being focused you need to develop skills and knowledge that you can apply to other possible career interests.

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    What other schools did you apply to? Did you get accepted into any of them, are the programs better fits with your interests? When are the deadlines?

    For my undergraduate I applied at 3 places in my home city. A safe choice I did not want to go to, one I didn't mind going and was 90% likely to get in and the place I wanted to go that I had 75% chance to get in.

    Moral of the story is, apply where you want to go and where you wouldn't mind going. It's always better to get into a program you like than a university you like and don't get caught in wasting a year by applying only to places you might not get in.