Belcher's and HKIS - how far by school bus

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    Belcher's and HKIS - how far by school bus

    Moving from the States, considering the Belcher's right now. Anyone lives there that has kids that go to lower primary HKIS in repulse? Just trying to time how far by school bus to HKIS from Belcher's, so that it wouldn't be too excessive for my 6 year old.

    Any pointers for the Belcher's? The facilities are great for my 6 year old, since he swims and is taking tennis lessons right now.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

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    It should only take 30 mins but I'm sure the bus makes several stops so it could be up to an hour. You could call the bus company and ask what the pick up time is at the Belchers.

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    I couldn't really decipher the bus route info HKIS sent me so I email the bus company and was told that pick up for Belcher's is 6:45-6:50 and there are about 8 HKIS students (not sure primary or secondary) using the Bus service. That explains the lack of replies.

    By the way, if your kids are going to HKIS, all the pick up times are early on the northside of the Island, starting at 6:50 to 7:05. South side pick ups are all around 7:30.

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    Got another one! Grand Promenade's pick up is 6:58am. GP is located at Sai Wan Ho, which is 3 minutes to MTR and very near to TaiKoo and Kornhill.

    Haven't decided which apartment yet but we need more people to move into Grand Promenade so that our soon to be 6 year old boy could have more friends to play with! Ha!

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    Our four year old gets picked up from the Belcher's at about 6:55am
    for a school in Aberdeen. It's only 20mins away, but they
    usually take about 45mins because of other pickups and school bus
    congestion at the school.