Flatmate in Fortress Hill

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    Flatmate in Fortress Hill

    Morning all, the idiot who lately never updates his blog is looking for someone suitable mentally retarded to share his apartment in Fortress Hill. Three bedrooms (one is my office), mostly furnished (my ex is taking some of the stuff), 1350 sq ft, two car park spaces, very very close to Fortress Hill MTR but very quiet as it is on a hidden road, 8 speaker cinema system in living room, huge kitchen, and a friendly rabbit called tribble.

    People who urinate in the fridge to mark out their territory need not apply nor need any members of the anti smoking brigage. Sociable people who are outgoing, easy going, fun, like movies, dinner parties and vodka might find it interesting.

    I have not shared a flat with someone for ten years but I don't want to lose this place as it is very cheap for its size and location.

    HK$7K per month plus half bills. Don't mind doing an inclusive thing instead if you prefer.

    Contact me through the email link on my blog: www.flyingchair.net

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    You might want to put it up on HKClassifieds.Com. We get a large amount of traffic on there which never hits GeoExpat.