Where can I catch Stanley Cup finals?

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    Where can I catch Stanley Cup finals?

    Just arrived in HK from TO and missing some Hockey actions. Are there peeps out there who're following the playoffs somewhere on the island? The only cable channel that plays the finals is $300/mth which is not the best deal for 2 more games (yea the flames' gonna take it 4-1). Cheers, Kevin

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    yeah...know how it feels to miss the playoffs. Came to HK 5 months ago and I SOOOO miss watching hockey!! Went by the Keg in LKF one night and they were showing a hockey game. Funny thing was it wasn't live but the guys were cheering just the same.


    (I'm really a Maple Leafs fan though)

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    Nhl Stanley Cup Game 7

    Yeah im from toronto too, visiting HK for the summer...it sucks not to be able to watch hockey, as it was part of my life over there. I gotta see game seven: someone HAS to know SOMEONE with that channel. ...GO FLAMES..BRING THE CUP BACK HOME