Clear Water Bay when living with wife and 2 children and working in Taikoo Place?

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    Exclamation Clear Water Bay when living with wife and 2 children and working in Taikoo Place?


    We are going on with our search for the best place to settle with the family. We have been looking at several places such as Happy Valley, Mid Lever, DB... We loved DB but way too far from where I work (quarry bay mtr) and where our son will go to school (French school in Happy Valley).
    We though about renting at Happy Valley for the week end then rent a small flat at DB for the week end.
    But we then heard about Clear Water Bay... Are there some places in CWB like Disco Bay? We are looking at a place ideally with many expats, and kind of resort type. As it is in the NT, i am not sure that will be the case...?
    In terms of budget, about 35K HKD for ideally a minimum 1500sqf house with 3 bedrooms, a garden and a car park... How does that sound?
    Finally CWB is large apparently, I need to be near an MTR station such as Hang Hau etc. What area/city/resort would you recommand us to go and visit?
    Any estate agent we could contact to get additional info (phone?)? We plan to go there today Thursday with my wife to visit but where to go??


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    Clear Water Bay isn't really resort style. It is all village housing and prices are better. Transport can involve long walks/calling taxi's. A bus comes through to Diamond Hill and mini bus to a few places including Tseung Kwan O. Once again you may need to walk 10-15 minute to bus/mini bus. Quite rural, you may not see many people at all outside. There are a lot of expats, but everytime I have went I have only seen the expats I am hanging out with, with the exception of a mansion on the beach about 25 min walk from my friends place :P

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    Fully agree with you. I have been there to see the place and it s quite rural and not resort at all. Plus all the dogs barking... The only benefit is you can have a house for the price of a flat on island. But I go for the flat ;-)