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    Finally found a place to stay and Kennedy Town it is, found a 2 bedroom mid way up on tower 1 of The Merton. Partial sea and mountain views, and the price came to HK11.5k a month. About 656 Sq ft, but feels a lot smaller, and liveable space is no doubt smaller.

    HK apartments are small in general, and the second bedroom I think will be for storage and maybe a fancy walking in wardrobe.

    The Club/Facilities look bang on, Gym, outdoor swimming pool, piano room, snooker room, table tennis, kareoke, tv room. I think for the money, it's a steal. Taxis to central are HK30, and the bus I've been told is about HK5, and will take about 20-25 mins, taxi take without traffic about 10 mins or less.

    I've lived in London, NY and now HK, and yes in each place you pay through the nose for apartments, but stying in central for 20k for a 600 sq ft shabby hole makes no sense. Soho really in my mind is not that special to live, and getting a cab to near LKF or Wanchai is going to cost you considerably less than a pint of beer. Taxi start of at min HK15 so doubling that but paying HK$10k less a month in rent makes perfect sense to me.

    There seem to be some new restaurants opening there, and most do take aways. It can only improve, and at least you feel like you are partially living in Asia. For me it's great if I want to drink around central, I just beer up after work and get a taxi home. but pay maybe HK$15 more than anyone else....big deal.

    There is a local pub over the road called the Place and the owner and barmaids seem friendly. All we need now is some more of the tennants of The Merton & Manhattan Heights to pile in to the Place on a Friday?Saturday night and a cracking time could be had. Not quite LKF or Wanchai, but it's a start.

    If anyone else lives there please sign in for a roll call!

    All the best


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    agent details req

    Hi , You are lucky to get a flat in Merton at this price , I am also looking for something in manhattan or mertons , do let me know which agent servered you.


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    come check out my forum at! A handful of friendly locals and some updates on the new things opening up in town. But you'll need to PM me here and let me know what your username is there so I can "approve" you. I've been overrun with spammers and haven't got the tech savvy to stop them, so all new users are temporarily blocked.

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    I used Best View Property Agency, the Owner Frankie Wong was a very helpful and friendly guy, and within less than two days he had organised the contract, renegotiated the price with the landlord, and has help me with electricity, gas, water etc.

    Shop A2, G/F 49 Hau Wo Street (Next to the Merton)

    Tel No. 28187793

    Top service.

    Good luck and happy hunting

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    help on the merton tower 1

    i am thinking of taking a 2br flat on the small side 628 sq ft. it has a balcony and a full sea view. they wanted 15k and i said no. now the price is at 14,5 and i asked the agent to keep working on it. can anyone tell me if this is as exorbitantly high a price as i think it is? or does that sound right?

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    Agency Best View Property

    Hi, I called Frankie when I read this. Now I'm also living in the Merton. Can really recommend Frankie, he's a really great guy!!

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    I have recently moved here. I was at the Merton the other evening at a friend's place on the 50th-something floor. He had a 650' sea and city view apt for 17K, but said that money would now get you an 1100' place in that building.
    He is moving out.

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    Anyone living at The Merton that can recommend it or have another good suggestion for accomendation.


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    Could somone please PM me contact info for someone who i can speak with about renting a flat in the MErton?