Graham & Peel Street Markets - Help Save Them

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    Graham & Peel Street Markets - Help Save Them

    As many of you have noticed, Hong Kong's street markets are under serious threat from the folks who think that Hong Kong needs more designer shops and upmarket restaurants and odd shaped high-rises.

    One of the oldest market areas in Hong Kong, which is in Central around the Graham and Peel Street areas has been under threat for a while.

    Now, the Town Planning Board is looking at an alternative proposal.

    More information on how you can act can be found on Save the Street Market website: HONG KONG

    The Central Street Market covers the area of Peel Street, Graham Street and Gage Street, and includes 130 licenced fixed pitch hawkers according to the records of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD). Street markets have operated in the area since 1841 when it was called the Middle Bazaar. The first hawker licences were issued in 1946, and the last one in 1980 in connection with a re-ordering exercise. Since 1970, the Government as a matter of policy has ceased to issue new hawker licences for fresh applications. Information on this policy can be found on the FEHD website under the section “Pleasant Environment”.
    A project planned by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) will affect the greater part of the Central Street Market, as this involves removal of stalls to clear the street for construction, and the resumption of the properties which include the support facilities of the hawkers.

    Street hawkers use adjoining properties for storage and the provision of electricity. The URA plan to provide a number of small stalls after completion of the project does not adequately address these issues.

    A clear mandate is needed for the URA to ‘enhance and support the existing street market economy and operations’ in the area and ‘to address the needs of the hawkers in the planning of their project to ensure a sustainable Central Street Market.’
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