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Stanley is indeed quite nice but it's not without disadvantages.

The commute to Central starts to edge over the 30 minute mark during peak times. This was in fact the main reason why we never seriously considered Stanley. Even the next closest place, Repulse Bay, is a good 10-15 minutes closer to downtown. OF course, if you don't mind the commute time you're fine.

Also the central parts of Stanley are often overrun by tourists and shoppers going to the market.

Not saying you shouldn't go live there. Just that like any other place, it has it's drawbacks.
In my opinion, its a matter of 6 of one, and half a dozen of the other.

Stanley is a very enjoyable location to live. One only needs to spend an afternoon out front of the Smugglers Inn on the water front, and see first hand how friendly people are. As they walk by with their dogs etc etc etc.

It's quiet a nice position, and worth the 30 minutes commute time.

Whether Repluse Bay or Stanley are any less busy during the summer months ( Repulse bay is one of the most popular Sth island beaches ) is debatable. They are no busier than any other touristy expat enclave, Discovery bay, Sai Kung and Gold Coast are equally busy during summer weekends around the malls etc etc.

All part of the Hong Kong experience.