Repulse bay - where is the beachside bar and/or restaurant

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    Repulse bay - where is the beachside bar and/or restaurant

    Was sitting down the beachside repulse bay and was wondering where is the bars , restaurants to attract visitors?

    there a massive white coloured building down there with what looks like commercial garage units but the building is unused (bar one seeler selling water pistols and frisby's

    does anyonme know who owns this building?

    coming from uk having lived in brighton one of the main highlights and attractions of the place was the beachside bars, cold beer, and hot totty

    hong kongs business orientated so why no-one has ventrued into this market?

    if could rent out some space would be an interesting business venture

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    There are two high-end restaurants (Spices and Verandah) as well as a Pacific Coffee up at The Repulse Bay, which is the appartment complex with the "hole" in it above the beach. There is also a starbucks and a pizza hut down on the road behind the beach.
    But mostly there is a mall being built, that's almost finished, at the end of the beach. It should have cafes and a food court.
    I think the area that you are referring to which is, if I'm not mistaken what they used to call the Repulse Bay hotel used to have little food places... but not for a while. I agree that it's a super waste of space/business opportunity! It looked like it was being renovated, and then, nothing. Do the life-guards live there? It seems like someone lives there!
    There could be lots of super beachside cafes.

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