I am currently staying at the Belcher's. We love here but is thinking of moving out when our lease is due in a few months time. Belcher's is a great place to live as it is really convenient and great for families with young kids. However, as we are here in HK for almost 2 years, and know here better, I think I am ready to move to somewhere different - more spacious, quieter, lots of green and hopefully some fresh air.

We are looking at somewhere along Pokfulam Road (no. 92, 94, etc Pokfulam Road) , Mt Davis Road, Bisney Road and Victoria Road. If you live around these area, could you please share with me your experiences?

Can you recommend an apartment that is good for children?

Bisney Crest? Regent Palisage? Pokfulam Court? Fulham Garden? La Clare? YY Mansion? Vista Mt Davis? Greenary Garden? Cape Mansion? Four Winds? Regalis?

Are there any public transport (mini bus or big bus) that goes from the above areas to Chi Fu and Causeway Bay?

Any input is much appreciated.