World Cup 4th Round & Quarterfinals - R U interested ???

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    How to get into Skitz to watch the WorldCup

    Hey everyone,

    please note that Skitz has implemented crowd control measures for the rest of the WorldCup. I know that some of you had trouble getting in last night due to the huge number of people already inside. Lesson learned: please come early ... don't wait until after the kick-off. Also, the reservation last night was only for 12 people and once we had reached that limit, people were asked to pre-pay drinks [aka a cover charge] to get in. Note that we had plenty of standing room and even a couple of empty seats at our table even after our table was considered 'full' and therefore, I have asked the manager to increase the number of seats allocated to us (on the guest list) to 15 when England play tonight.

    We have also made arrangements at Skitz for the two Semi-Finals (3 a.m. on Wed / Thu morning) and the FINAL on Monday, June 10 at 02:00 a.m. If you want to watch the Semis at Skitz, please send a PM to Ricky [rikckybhk], he will be in charge of those two games because I will be out of town. We will keep the same table by the plasma screen for the remaining games because it is easiest to fit extra people in that area. The reservation is in my name 'Axel' for all remaining games.

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    Pictures from Germany vs. Argentina

    Here are the photos from last night:,com_g...2_itemId=12394

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