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    Bar closings

    When I was in HK in September, I was dismayed to find that two of my favorite watering holes had closed their doors:

    Mes Amis, Pottinger St, Central: I've been to the one on Ashley Rd. in TST, but the Pottinger location had a more laid-back atmosphere, and a great location.

    Kangaroo Pub, Haiphong Rd, TST: An outstanding location overlooking Kowloon Park, good atmosphere, and a diverse crowd.

    Anyone else mourn their passing, or have any additional info about them?

    I'll be back in HK next week, so any suggestions on suitable alternatives would be appreciated.

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    Go to Apres at the Pottinger Street/Wyndham Street junction. Steven - the former manager of the Kangaroo Pub is now managing this place.

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    the Kangaroo Pub reopens!

    The famous Kangaroo Pub once located on the Kowloon side is going to reopen!
    As Stephen puts it, the Kangaroo Pub shall open (again) 52 - 62 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai.

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    Back in Toronto now - after 10 1/2 years in HK

    that's quite some leap, even for a 'roo! Question is, when?

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    what a good news!

    I am fans of kangaroo Pub in the previous years! It is a great news that it re-open! Would you be sure there is same manager or boss run this Pub?

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    Yes it is - and you have responded to a post nearly 2 years old - The Kangaroo Bar in Wanchai has been open for a long time now and is doing very well.