Eating outside in Hong Kong

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    Open Kitchen just above the HK Arts Center, near the Convention Center. Great food, good view of the harbour, with a nice little terrace. Quiet and relaxed.

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    Cool Tung Ping Chau

    I went to Tung Ping Chau over Easter weekend - horrible crowds at pier to depart for the island, but had great time there.

    Had lunch at village house/restaurant north of the ferry pier - walk to first village, pass one eatery spot on right (may be good, I've never tried it), and it's up slight slope, on the left, with big terrace.

    Not haute cuisine (okay-yah), but with more and more people going to the island, the menu's improved a lot since I first went - with squid, veg, fried rice, noodles etc etc. It's a top location for an outdoor meal, I reckon; helps that the people there seem friendly too.

    I've been going to this spot occasionally for over a decade; first time there, had dinner inc some seafood caught locally: waters relatively clean here, so I figured even shellfish ok.

    (<shameless plugs>for more info on Tung Ping Chau, try; and of course my book HK Pathfinder <end of shameless plugs/>)

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