Help! Trying to find a reputable music promoter

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    Help! Trying to find a reputable music promoter

    Hi To All,

    My name is Paul and I am the lead singer of the world famous group called The Platters. We have parted from our former management company and are looking to establish ties with a great music promoter based in Hong Kong. I have scoured the Internet and have not been able to find the information I need. Can anyone help me?


    Paul of The Platters

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    I thought Herb Reed was the lead singer of the Platters and his band has no one called Paul in it - you must be one of the fake Platters groups that have started up since!

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    You almost have your facts straight. Herb Reed was the original BASS singer for the Platters. The original LEAD singer was the fantastic Tony Williams. Both Herb and Tony (as well as Paul Robi, David Lynch and Zola Taylor) worked under the management company they signed with. The group took off when the manager wrote "Only You". Of course the group began around 1953, so as you can imagine, most of the original members have passed away. Herb is still alive (as well as Zola), however all of the original members left the group in the 1960's. Most of them tried to form their own group of Platters, which ironically began the "fake" Platters that you refer to, because all of the original members signed the rights of the name "The Platters" over to the management company way back when, and so that company has had the rights to the name and the group. So, over the decades, as one member would leave, the management company would hand pick a replacement. The first was Sonny Turner, the second was Monroe Powell. I was chosen after the Monroe Powell era and have shared the lead singer duties with two others since the mid-ninties.

    Now, if you know the name of a good promoter in Hong Kong, I would be most grateful...

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    I know one but she is on holiday so you have to wait a few days.

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    Thanks Philippe,

    I will wait to hear from you again.

    I appreciate this.



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    Different type of music, but Nick at will know
    who you should talk with...