What??!! No organized event for saturday yet? Where's the dahling Max we all know so well? Shocking! Well, I have to put this up because I have two friends all the way from Vienna, Austria visiting Hong Kong. And we all have to show them that Hong Kong rocks just as much as Europe. Believe me, they throw some awfully wild and fun parties in Mozartland. :bigparty So will you all join me in showing them a good time? Haven't decided on the ultimate venue yet so all suggestions will be appreciated. I'm thinking:

- Mes Amis
- Klong bar & grill (KBG)
- 1/5th

where else?

Plus, it's one of our beloved geo's b'day tomorrow (Aug 10th) so if we all know her we should wish her a big Happy Birthday and throw in a celebration with drinks and dancing on saturday too! Time-wise I say we start 10.30ish?

Help me everyone by being part of this get-together. All are invited, all are welcome!