Learn How to DJ and Make Music in HK!!!

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    Learn How to DJ and Make Music in HK!!!

    I am a professional UK DJ living and working as a DJ & Music Producer here in Hong Kong.I have played with some of the biggest DJ's in dance music from the UK and Europe. I have played at some of the biggest clubs in world including Ministry of Sound! I am offering DJ and music production lessons to people who are passionate about electronic music!

    DJ LESSONS - You will learn how to use top of the range DJ equipment that can be found in any professional club in the world, you will be able to get gigs as a DJ and gain the confidence needed to play anywhere with this course. It is a "1 on 1" course with me and you will have all of my attention for the time of the course.During the course you will be able to come with me and be beside me as I DJ live to a club in Lang Kwai Fong or Wan Chai at no cost to you.

    MUSIC PRODUCTION - Anyone interested in creating your own electronic music - You can learn either Logic Studio or Ableton Live while in a professional music studio environment with my "1 on 1" undivided attention, you will learn how to make your own music at home and also music theory, music business and how to get your music signed.BEST OF ALL - BY THE END OF THE COURSE YOU WILL HAVE MADE YOUR FIRST VERY OWN TRACK WITH ME AND WE WILL TRY TO GET THE TRACK SIGNED TO A RECORD LABEL UNDER YOUR NAME!!!!!

    Career Opportunities possible with acquired skills learned through these courses -
    •Electronic Musician
    •Remix Engineer
    •Assistant Sound Engineer
    •MIDI Programmer
    •Electronic Music Producer
    •Sound Designer
    •Digital Media Entrepreneur

    COST - DJ Course - (10 hours) Lessons can be broken up and managed into hours that suite you)$3,000 HKD

    Music Production Course - 10 hours) Lessons can be broken up and managed into hours that suit you)$5,000 HKD

    Anyone who LOVES music please contact - f[email protected]

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